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~[New~Leak Download Album: NF : “The Search!” (ALBUM) link

~[New~Leak Download Album: NF : “The Search!” (ALBUM) link

NF The Search Full Album Download -

Feuerstein has actually credited Eminem as his prime impact in hip hop, declaring that at one point that was all he listened to. NF's style has actually likewise been compared to Logic and Machine Gun Kelly Although he discovered his musical childhood in Christian hip-hop, Feuerstein has actually rejected his label as a Christian rap artist, stating "I'm a Christian, however I don't make Christian music. In 2018, NF launched 2 non-album singles, "No Name" on January 19 28 and "Why" on June 18. 29. 19 "Heat up" was released as a non-album single on September 8, 2016.

It follows the independently released Perception (NF Genuine Music/Caroline), which took the music industry by surprise when fans moved it to the No. 1 spot on the Signboard 200 upon its release. The Search is NF's fourth full-length album. Clocking in at four minutes, 11 seconds and 777 words, lead single/title track The Browse" offers fans plenty to unload, as NF lays bare his psyche, revealing some of the darker corners he's discovered himself in and drawing up the ambitious quest that lies ahead.

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