Arctic Volleyball Club Youth Volleyball
Arctic Volleyball Club....
We are a girls youth competitive volleyball organization dedicated to the improvement of volleyball in the Fairbanks area. With our 7 enthusiastic coaches for our approximately 70 girls,  we are continuing to grow every year.  This season, 2018-2019, we offer play for 6 teams- 13s, 14s, 15s out-of-state, 15s/16s in-state, 16s out-of-state, and 18s. Our goal is to put the best teams together for each age group to compete. The 15's-18's age groups participate in city league volleyball with the Fairbanks Volleyball Association.  All 6 teams play in at least 2 tournaments, and we have 3 teams travel to out-of-state tournaments and/or regional qualifiers. Apparel costs, coach's stipend and travel costs (tickets and lodging), USAV registration fees, gym time, and tournament registrations are included in club fees. Player's airfare and other travel costs (other costs vary by team) are not included in fees. Other travel arrangements and costs vary from team to team, please consult coaches, or email us.